Would You Give Up Your Privacy For A Million Dollars?

In no time in history was privacy such an enormous concern as it is today. At this point, we sit at the precipice of an era where privacy will either become a thing of the past or something you must defend. Since the advent of the internet, many officials and citizens of different nations have had their privacy breached and all of their data stolen. Your bank accounts, your personal information, and even information about your relatives used to sit in different places where only a court order would deem it accessible. Now, this information is spread across various databases, sometimes even copied over multiple times.

The databases themselves are not the issue here, though. In the grand scheme of things, you’re relying on a digital guard to make sure that this data isn’t infiltrated. It’s ultimately up to the company that manages your information to ensure that you are not out in the open. But some of this responsibility is delegated onto you. Most companies shift the responsibility away from themselves in the event of a compromise. In the end, you’re still on your own when you decide to put a piece of information that’s precious to you on the web.

And here’s the point where we ask you: Would you put all of your information – including your relatives’ names and addresses, your phone number, your personal address, and your credit card information – out in the open if we gave you one million dollars? How about a billion? What would you say if we gave you Warren Buffett’s entire fortune?

We thought not.

If you don’t know how your provider manages your information, for all you know, this is exactly what you’re doing minus the million dollars. That’s quite a raw deal, isn’t it?

Of course, transparency isn’t exactly a word that most cloud providers recognize when it comes to disclosing the methods by which they store your credentials, which will ultimately lead to your data. Even if they did disclose this, we suspect that most people would still rely on them because they are convenient, regardless of how inept they are at maintaining their servers secure. That’s why all of the companies that have suffered a compromise recently (eBay, Yahoo, et cetera) are still around. They provide an immeasurable amount of convenience that surpasses the risk of being exposed.

So, this all plays into a formula: The likelihood of you choosing a service that semi-competently or flat out incompetently manages its data grows higher as the amount of convenience it presents grows. The risk seems less significant when you weigh in how much easier your life is as a result of using that service. Inevitably, you will compromise on privacy to gain this added benefit.

But what if you didn’t have to compromise on anything? What if you could have both excellent privacy while using the same service? To do this, you would have to manage your data yourself. Obviously, you can’t do that through your provider. It’s their code, and therefore also their rules. But here’s the thing: Consider the protection your provider gives you as one single layer of protection. Your credentials and your files are protected using their own methods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add another layer on top of that.

Enter SmartCryptor and SmartSignin, our suite of products meant to help you and your company stay secure. In combination, both products will let you remove some control over your information from your provider and take it into your own hands. In essence, you can recover some of the privacy you lost by trusting the provider.

“But That’s Just Shifting Trust From One Organization To Another, And I Don’t Even Know You That Well!”

Absolutely not! You don’t have to necessarily trust us in order to benefit from our software. With both of our products, you’re the one whose hands hold the master key. By this, we mean that you’ll store the only key that unlocks your data and credentials in the one place no one can look: In your head. This way, even our own employees are unable to access the data. Instead, you achieve cryptography at its finest: Zero-knowledge!

If a hacker gets into an account where you store files – and your files are encrypted by SmartCryptor – if they somehow decrypt the provider-layer encryption, you’re still left with the layer you created yourself. All the hacker will see is a bunch of undecipherable gibberish. The poor bloke will come out of the compromise empty-handed.

That’s basically our business. We make hackers sad. If everyone used our software, the vast majority of therapists would have hackers as their clients instead of you.

The Million-Dollar Deal

Remember when we asked you whether you would give up your privacy for a million dollars? It was a rather ineffective question, since you’ve already given it up the moment you signed an agreement with your provider. But you can reverse that process now, not for a million dollars, but for pennies per day.

How much does privacy matter to you? If your answer is anything above a “meh”, you should really have a look at our software and how it works. Try either SmartCryptor or SmartSignin now!