One single sign on manager to rule them all

Simply put, SmartSignin is a single sign on (SSO) password manager. If you surf the numerous social media sites, and jump from updating your Facebook status, to tweeting a flurry of Twitter insights, to joining countless circles on Google+, to sharing the riveting stories being read on Goodreads, then signing in and out of all of these places online can be taxing.

That is why SmartSignin implements all of your favorites in just a few minutes and allows you the peace of mind to only have to give a single sign on to access these interwoven networks.

The web site’s interface is gorgeous, easy to use, and most importantly secure.

Sign in once and manage all of these Internet wonders that make up so much of our lives. Remembering different passwords and then using them at each stop is no longer necessary, because SmartSignin is an online identity management service that provides users with an intuitive and secure access to their favorite web destinations.

SmartSignin was created to allow techies, students, and suit and tie professionals, to be more productive, as the SmartSignin technology allows access control, making multi-tasking by even the most casual surf a convenient endeavor. SmartSignin manages your online identity and all of the numerous passwords you have come up with over the months and allows you secure access to all of them with a single click.

This is the simplified way to provide yourself or your company with password security, Internet security, IT security, access security, and data security.

And this is where it gets hairy. Data security is becoming more and more imperative, as many users store and transfer data through the virtual cloud computing services.

Clouds are virtual hard drives for storing data on the Internet. By putting the murder trial case files up on a cloud, the information is freed up and can be accessed anywhere that there is Internet access, and this means that users do not need to actually have the data stored on their own hard drive.

While storing the 17 GB file of your murder case on a cloud will allow you, the district attorney, to bring up the desperately vital case nuances on the shiny 16 GB iPad that is stowed safely in your suitcase. Normally the iPad would not even be able to fit the entire file on its small memory banks, but viewing this file on the cloud allows for its access despite that inadequacy.

Placing extremely important pieces of data onto virtual clouds is dangerous too, because the files are not safely on your laptop’s hard drive alone, but out there in the cloud computing service’s larders. Anyone with enough computing knowledge to break through security and access your password can log in and get at all of your cloudy data.

This is why SmartSignin is the end-all of security and password management for everything from email and social networking to cloud computing.

SmartSignin remembers your login credentials so you do not have to, and then an algorithmic “Smart Key” (which was actually crafted working with cryptographers) is implemented to safeguard your privacy. Using a token-less multi-factor authentication, you and only you have the key to all of your personal data and passwords.