Dropbox’s “Not” Hack Still Raises Some Concerns

It seems as if though a new service is being breached every week. The iCloud hack leaked a ton of information that compromised the sanctity and privacy of celebrities. Only a little while later, Dropbox ended up being in the news for rumors and allegations surrounding a breach of its services that revealed 7 million account credentials, all of which were posted on Pastebin.

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The Key to Encryption is keeping it Simple

We are standing at a precipice in modern history where security is becoming more of an integral part of how the internet functions. Don’t believe us? Look at how many sites are using HTTPS now and compare that to how the situations was 15, even 20, years ago. Even if most people aren’t completely security-conscious, they’re trying. This is perhaps the first time in the internet’s short history that such a worldwide “awakening” has occurred. Despite all of this, though, security is a concept that’s still shrouded in mystery.

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