BYOD Done Right: Why Access Management Is Vital To Your Mobility Strategy

When it comes to desktop security, most companies still struggle with the notion that a good piece of antivirus software and a firewall just aren’t enough to prevent many threats from falling through the cracks. It’s no surprise that a very large number of companies have an even greater struggle figuring out how mobile devices fit into the mess. The whole “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend that has been hitting corporate infrastructures for years, despite its benefits, has created an enormous gap that IT staff all over the world are losing their hair over.

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eBay’s Big “Whoops”: What Others Can Learn From This

by Sabi

The word “eBay” necessitates no introduction. It’s a household brand, and a very successful one at that. The company made $16 million in gross revenue in 2013, netting at about $2.8 million. The growing entrepreneurial company has made significant strides in ensuring that the buyers and sellers operating on it have the best trading experience and dispute resolution system possible. In short, this company’s a well-oiled machine. Recent news, however, is showing us that for all of eBay’s strengths, it had one critical weakness: Its security practices and infrastructure. And this cost the company dearly in the past week.

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The 5 Most Basic Principles of Cloud Security

If you’re out and about, venturing on the cloud, surfing the net, and checking your email, you’re going to be hunted at one point or another. The best way to disappoint the hunter is to be as prepared as possible. This means knowing how to protect yourself against even the most perilous of threats. The cloud has been a hacker’s new target for some time now, and many of the startups behind cloud applications have left some holes in their software that could spell doom for you. In response to this, there’s the art of cloud-fu, and we’re going to teach you its most basic principles.

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